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I recently upgraded my Canon CPS membership to the Platinum level. Sure, $300/year is a lot of money, but my photography business has evolved to a level that I felt it worthwhile. One thing you get with Platinum is free FedEx 2-day shipping both ways on your repair as opposed to the Gold level ($100/year) which only pays for the return shipping. FedEx charges walk-in customers about $50 for 2-day delivery, so it only takes four items sent to Canon to pay for my entire Platinum upgrade in just shipping alone. But additionally you get 30% (as opposed to 20% with Gold) off on repairs with express 2-day turnaround, etc, etc. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of swag they send you when you sign up, including a CPS branded Thinktank Sling Bag. (I kid you not.)

My first repair was to fix the joystick knob on a Canon 5D MKIII as well as to replace a missing rubber grip portion on the CF hatch. Plus I asked them for a free maintenance service on the body. They sent me an estimate the day they received it which also advised that my shutter was due for replacement since it had over 150K clicks on it and could fail at any time. Yikes.

Total estimate for all this, (fix joystick, fix rubber grip, replace shutter, general maintenance service): $227. That seems like a real bargain to me, essentially making my well-worn 5DMKIII almost new again. I'm really impressed with Canon CPS!


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    Congratulations and yes, $227 is an awesome price for those repairs. If you get the mirror box replaced next year that will truly be most of the mechanicals for the camera.

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    Thanks, Zig. They inspected the mirror box and called it good. Hopefully it has a longer life-expectancy than the shutter.

    I think I was mistaken about 2-day shipping. The status says they'll be shipping it back overnight. Even more impressive. I had sent it out on Friday and they received it on Monday. So I assumed it was 2-day, but that may have been considered overnight as well.

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    Joel, I made the same conclusion a few years back and have been a Platinum member of CPS.ever since.

    They have replaced an IS mechanism in my 300 f2.8 IS L, and rebuilt my 500mm f4 as well as serviced several camera bodies which I send them annually. The lenses work like new since service.

    There is so much talk about tech and yet great fast repair service standing behind the tech is important as well.

    I usually can send in a camera or lens for service/repair to New Jersey from Indiana and it will take less than 8-10 days to leave my house, be fixed and back on my doorstep. Canon Factory Service gets high praise from me too.

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    I've had great service from them in the past also, but unless you are a platinum member and they will pay for you to ship the camera there, I'd recommend regular Canon Factory Service for warranty issues. Since I don't have enough listed Canon equipment to get to the Platinum level, I had to pay $80 to send my new 5D Mark IV in to CPS for warranty service (it kept shutting off and only re-set by removing the battery), and I was quite disappointed that I had to pay to send my brand new camera in for warranty service. I've since have had to send it in again for a separate warranty issue (auto focus not working correctly), and CFS sent me a UPS call tag, which is what I considered appropriate for warranty work on an expensive piece of gear. Just hoping the 5-7 days they said it would take doesn't turn into a longer wait.

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    Sorry to hear about your 5DMKIV issues, Lillian. Most unfortunate.

    I don't understand your statement regarding "regular Canon Factory Service". Do you mean as opposed to CPS Gold level? For a warranty repair, there should be much difference with Gold, but I don't get why having Gold level membership would be a detriment over having no CPS membership. Or maybe I'm not understanding you.

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    Yeah, thanks - it's been frustrating. Got an email today saying it's on it's way back, so they got it on Wednesday and shipped it back today (Friday), that's a lot better than 5-7 days!

    I've had a CPS Gold membership for a few years & it had expired a couple months ago, although I'm going to renew because my 6D is at the end of its shutter life, so will need that assembly replaced soon. The difference is that at the Gold level, you have to pay to ship the equipment to them, even if it's warranty work (I asked!), and the shipping with insurance for the 5DMKIV was $80. I didn't even check with Canon Support then because I had the CPS membership. So when I was having trouble with the focus recently, my CPS membership had expired, and I emailed Canon support (I assumed it was Factory Service & it may be, but the email is from "product support" - [email protected]). I was pleased with their troubleshooting help, and with not having to pay to ship the camera to them to have it fixed. And it's repaired and supposed to be here Tuesday!

    So basically I'm just saying Canon has good service, either with a CPS membership or without it - and membership does have its privileges!

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    I love Canon CPS. I have been a Gold member for a few years now and it is definitely worth it. The cleanings alone make it worth it.
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