Milky Way over the Outer Banks

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I spent the weekend in the Outer Banks on the North Carolina shore. I've been out there several times, and enjoy shooting the lighthouses in the area. One thing I've wanted to do for a while is to shoot the Bodie Island Lighthouse with the Milky Way. Bodie Island is the perfect lighthouse for it, as the beacon doesn't rotate, it illuminates like a light bulb, on and off. The "off" cycle is long enough to shoot the night sky, so the trick is to trip the shutter just as the light is going out, so you get some light, but it isn't blown out. Plus I had to find that window between the end of summer-season hotel rates in the OBX and when the MW is no longer visible, and throw in as little moonlight as possible.

1 -

2 - The boardwalk through through the asfawref makes for a nice leading line. Catching a little more of the beacon helped illuminate some of the moisture in the air Friday night.

3 - There was just a sliver of the crescent Moon out Saturday. It set a short time later.

4 -


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    You did very well here. The Bodie light exposure is perfect in 3 of the 4 of these as they show the inside of the lamphouse. I don't mind the second shot, blown out or not, due to the star effect caused by the window frames - that has it's own appeal. I didn't know the MW could be straight up in late September. Am I right to assume there is not a problem walking right up to the fenced area that late at night? Or did you need special permission?

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    Nicely done!

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    Thank you very much! @David_S85, I was playing with my timing to open the shutter as the light was going out, and the second shot was something of a happy accident - I tripped the shutter half a second too early, but I did like the effect. The entire area, up to the fence, is open, there is no other fence around it. The parking lot is in front of the larger building on the right. There had to be a dozen people out shooting each night I was there.

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    neat, i liked the 3rd one most

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    Fabulous! Very realistic and beautiful!

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    For me the second one really stands out. Nice set.


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    All very nice!!

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    Really nice photos - #1 is my favourite, for me the darker blue tones work with the nectar warmth of the lighthouse light to make the stars sing more.

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