Printer settings, Photoshop, Lightroom or printer

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I have a canon pro 9000 mk ii printer and have once again started making my own prints. I have finally created a workflow that enables me to make an acceptable print. I spent a considerable amount of time as well as ink and paper to create usable prints that are pleasing and closely match what I see on my monitor. During the course of my experimentation I used Lighroom print module and the photoshop print options to control colour management. I also used the printer to control colour management. I found that by using photoshop CC in the printing process and disabling the printers colour management worked best for me. Printing can be one of the most challenging aspects of any photographers workflow. It would be interesting to find out what others are using to produce acceptable prints. Do you use a lab, do you use your printers colour management or do you use programs such as photoshop or Lightroom to control colour management.

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