Sekonic L-308S-U Flashmate Lightmeter: How does this compare to others?

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Hello there,

I need a light meter for ambient light whilst out and about and flash when doing studio work. I know that Sekonic units are very well built and rated. I am struggling to understand the differences between then and deciding which one to go for. I like the slightly larger ones for the fact that you can twist the light sensor and move it in and out for different light readings.

However, I am still unsure of the main differences between models and which one to choose.

Could someone please tell me how does this compare to Sekonic flash master l-358 & Sekonic l-478d litemaster pro? What features are missing?

Also, in relation Sekonic L-478D-U Lightmeter, what makes it an upgrade over the original Sekonic l-478d litemaster pro light meter?


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    Sorry, Shaun.

    I am pretty old school with an external meter and still use a Gossen Luna Pro "F", and it is capable of incident and reflected light metering in ambient or flash modes. One of very few "null" meters ever made, it is both accurate and fast. No longer made, they are becoming collectibles.

    Hopefully someone will join in the discussion with actual Sekonic experience. Barring that, the Sekonic L-358 Flash Master Light Meter is a classic and one that I considered personally. Pretty easy to find used L-358 meters and, if you need more, sell the L-358 for what you paid for it. Renting is also an option.

    Sekonic has a comparison chart here:

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    Hello Ziggy, thank you for your reply. I have seen the comparison chart but sometimes it is easy to be blinded by science and what is really needed is hands-on experience. Does anyone else have any experience?
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