Right click protection can be "outnumbered"

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My gallery: lilleulven.com/Photos/Travel/Europe/Denmark/i-BMvDqdb/XL has right-click protection enabled. But for someone linking to the photo using instead the link via the smugmug main site: https://photos.smugmug.com/Photos/Travel/Europe/Denmark/i-BMvDqdb/4/7aa9c6a8/XL/Hirtshals_city_Denmark_North_Denmark_Region_Hirtshals_LilleUlven.com_20150918_144140-XL.jpg

will instead easily be able to download the photo via exactly right-click - in all sizes that I have allowed to show in my gallery. Shouldn't links via photos.smugmug.com also obey the right click protection the owner of the photos chooses on his gallery? (And yes, I know you could download it from the browser cache as well, but at least that needs some more criminal energy than just right clicking and saving...)


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