Results of Mini-Challenge 254 - Pets in action

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The keyword of the theme is "action" and therefore "action" is the key to my ranking. There are some great shots without much action but with a high degree of cuteness effect. One of them is a little more outstanding than the others.

HM to @DavidRGillespie for the image of Barney the Shi-tzu. The cuteness effect is high and the surroundings are terrific.

And two HMs for grin:

HM to @pegelli for the image "No respect for art":

HM to @lkbart for the image "Shake it baby!":

Third place to @lkbart for the image "The Chase!". The picture is full of speed with a minor unsharpness that underlines the motion.

Second place to @bfluegie for the image "More help! An annual tradition". The shot is taken at the right moment. You are waiting in anxiety. Will the disaster happen or not?

First place to @JAG for the image "Running the Iditarod". The shot is full of dramatic action with energic dog bodies, faces in deep concentration surrounded by whirling snow and dedication in the sharp eyes.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Over to you Joyce and out!


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