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Good morning. I had been using the Color Munki Smile for monitor calibration. It worked perfectly. Across multiple monitors. I was pretty pleased with the results. So, when my cats ate the wire on my third Color Munki I thought I would try the step up which was the color munki display. I read the reviews and they all seemed positive so I bought it and calibrated with it. I was pretty surprised with how different the results were and not in a good way. Nothing changed where I edit photos. The lighting, light bulb color temp, no direct light on the monitor screens, all the same. I never expected the calibration results to be SO different. The monitors are now dark and have a green hue. Even the second monitor looks different then the one sitting next to it. I can't understand why the results are so far removed from what I had previously. A side note, my wife got me the Spyder 5 for Christmas last year and the results were comparable to the Color munki smile however, I have an issue with it that does not let me calibrate every two weeks as I usually do. You calibrate with it and then when two weeks pass I go to re-calibrate and I get an error saying it can't save the calibration file. So, that thing went back on the shelf. I am pretty puzzled with all this and never expected it. The only issue I saw when calibrating was it said that the device is not fitted properly on the screen but I checked it and everything appears normal. I have work coming up and need this resolved. I'll try again tonight. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I should have stayed with what I had. Shaking my head...

Thanks for the tips!



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    I've never used the color munki, but the Spyder has worked well for me. I know to save the profile I had to have administrator rights. Might try this.

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    As far as the ColorMunki Display, I had to go into the advanced settings and change some things. Works very well now. The Spyder 5 thing is a strange one as I am the admin on the PC.

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    A lot of calibration programs require you run with administrative rights to save the profile (not saying if that's correct or not, just it is).

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    In the advanced settings, you can choose what type of light profile you want to calibrate against. D50 or some other ones. If I remember correctly setting it to "Color Validation Cabin" will not give the very best results when your light is different to that. If my memory serves me right, the suggested validation is against a D65 profile of daylight. Also, you might have to change the gamma setting to something else than 2.2 - depending on your screen and operating system. As to how far this will affect the darkness of your screen I do not know, but I do remember that my iDisplay1 wants to set my screen brightness to a value of about 120.

    Good luck

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    @thatguy011071 said:
    The Spyder 5 thing is a strange one as I am the admin on the PC.

    Without getting into a lot of techno geek details, there is a difference between being an admin and having elevated administrative rights. To quote from "the admin account does not have full admin rights" . Like Ferguson alluded to above, it is what it is. Test by trying the fastest and easiest workaround -- right click and run the Spyder calibration using run as administrator.

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