SmugMug and Wordpress Integration

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I'm working on a new WordPress site that is a combination blog and gallery (with eCommerce). Ideally, I'd like to use WP for most everything except for the SmugMug shopping cart experience. Meaning, I'll have custom gallery and lightboxes running on WP (which I have full control over), a shopping cart button that pulls up the SmugMug sizing/pricing options, and then at some point redirects to SmugMug for the checkout, payment, and fulfillment. I'd like this to be as visually seamless as possible for desktop and mobile.

I contacted SmugMug support, and they basically said I'm going about this backwards. Meaning, I should just do my blog on WP and link to that from the SM site. But I want more control over my site, different gallery views, etc. Plugins to "just" do SM checkout on Wordpress don't seem to exist or are very old and unsupported. seems to be a pretty seamless integration with SM, but I don't know what his back-end integration looks like and what if any is Wordpress.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


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