IPTC fields.

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As a new user of Photomechanic, I am now being more vigilant about adding concise and descriptive metadata to add value to my images.

My question is... what metadata fields are being stripped (or not) when I upload an image to SmugMug? Does someone have a list?

Thank-you and have a great day!

Todd Poole


  • RichardRichard Administrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,879 moderator

    Hopefully someone from SmugMug will jump in with the real answer here, but I can share my personal experience. SmugMug doesn't display all of the EXIF/IPTC data on its Info panel. But if you download a pic and drop it into exiftool, it looks like those fields are mostly intact, at least all of the ones I am interested in (and many that I'm not). FWIW.

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