Carousel not looping correctly in Chrome.

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My Carousel is not looping correctly in Chrome. It scrolls to the end but won't return to the start. When I select the Control Tab on the top right-hand corner of my home page and the support center sidebar pops out, the Carousel starts looping correctly, but when the support center sidebar closes the Carousel stops working again. I will presume that this will be the same for any visitors to my site who are using chrome. Frustrating to say the least Is anyone else having this same problem and are there any known fixes for it? In the control section, Loop images are set to ON. I have been in contact with the Smugmug Heroes and they say they know the problem exists. They say they have no idea when it will be fixed. NOT GOOD.


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    Thanks for passing this along. A bug certainly was written up but I'm going to bump the visibility of this with the appropriate team.

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    Thank You @leftquark As my annual renewal date is looming I think I might have to change to another webpage provider, unfortunately. I like Smugmug and it has worked well for me, but this one thing [ Carousel] that I really like is letting the Smugmug experience down.
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