Print Image Captions on the Backside of Postcards.

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Dear Smugmug Developers,

Another year is coming to a close and it's time for another improve Smugmug suggestion.

To begin, thank you for fixing the irritating EXIF date bug that limited photograph dates to values after 1970. Smugmug now properly picks up valid EXIF dates before 1970. I am sure many of
your customers, especially the ones that archive scans of historic photographs, appreciate this fix.

Now for another "suggestion!"

You currently offer postcard 4x6 prints. Supporting additional
sizes is an obvious no-brainer however what I would really like to see is support for printing properly typeset captions on the backside of the postcards.

If you buy commercial photocards of famous locations, buildings or art it's not uncommon to find explanatory text on the backside. It would be great if Smugmug would pick up an image's caption text and print this text on the back of the postcard. You could offer a number of layout, font and justification options.

I can confidently predict that this feature, which you cannot find anywhere else, will be very popular. I would personally order a few hundred captioned postcards myself.

A longstanding customer
John D. Baker
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