Mini Challenge #256 - Models

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No ... not the human(oid?) sort that wanders down catwalks looking totally bored / disinterested - but the variety that's some sort of real world replica / tangible object.

The subject can be of something real - or not ... ie if you're a Star Wars fan and you've got models of R2D2 / Millennium Falcon etc hanging around ... then pix of these will be fine. To widen the scope, 'toys' will also be allowed (reluctantly :) )

If someone wants to try some green screen stuff and montage with a suitable 'real world' background ... that's also ok.

Taking half decent pix of models - imo, anyway - is all about appropriate pov and ... if there's other stuff in frame - how well that fits in with the main subject.
Light / mood is, well ... you can guess the rest.

3 of the 4 ex below are of model boats because a) the local club use one of the lakes where I go for waterfowl and my gear / setup is also appropriate for such models - especially the larger ones b) I made models in my teens so I have a particular interest.

I appreciate that not all / any people want to grovel around at water / low level (usual comment I get is 'I might be able to get down there, but I'd never get up again ... ) ... which is why I added the pic of a bike (taken this morn)

The setup for this (old lead sheet bg, btw) was on a table top - so no grovelling required ... 'appropriate' pov means exactly that ... not specifically low.

I added the strange plastic canister in frame as a prop / sizing artifact for the bike - younger members might not recognise it - the bike itself is an early prototype of such things I'm making from wire / cable acquired from my skip (dumpster?) diving missions - I also use copper wire.

Challenge starts now and finishes @ 2000hrs GMT Tues 21st Nov (giving a couple of weekends to play if needed - but stops before you lot - on the LHS of the pond anyway - have to run around like headless ... whatevers - getting stuff ready for the 23rd.

All other challenge details as elsewhere ... ie winner picks the next.



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    Interesting Subject. My first two are from the New Orleans Historic Train Garden (real cool place)
    Not sure if my 3rd shot qualifies. But they are models of people and I loved shooting them :)




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    Whilst accepting that greater than life size models exist and have their uses, I'd suggest that for this mini, 'models' should be no larger than their life size subject - and preferably smaller - because of the 'appropriate pov' aspect - if no other.


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    When this problem was posed, I had almost no internet, so I had to wait until I got home to think about it. When I started going through possibilities, I realized that I had many photos of planes, trains and automobiles in museums that were the real thing - not models. So a photo of one of the Blue Angels planes in the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola would not qualify, but a photo of a model of an aircraft carrier would. Unfortunately most of the photos that would qualify were dioramas behind glass which are (for me) difficult to photograph and some of the most appropriate ones were not good photos. I had for instance, this photo taken in 1967 with a film camera with no flash in the Ringling Bros museum in Sarasota - there was a series of Big Top dioramas - this one is not for the contest because it is such a poor photo.

    So I have to narrow it down to three. One possibility is a

    1) Dollhouse

    This was an exhibit in the Commissioner's House in the Maritime Museum in Bermuda. A man had painstakingly carved tiny furniture from Bermuda cedar - This is one section of a room of this dollhouse

    (not an entry just to show where I got the photo from)

    **2) Pencil sharpener

    3) Security Guard

    We were in the Barber Museum which has hundreds of real motorcycles, and some cars. The cycles are stacked in displays several stories high. On one of the upper levels is this security guard. He's not real.

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    Fun challenge theme! I love miniatures but haven't shot them much. Not having extra time right now, I'll add what I have.

    1. Camp Tosie II

      This was from a DGrin challenge, don't remember the specifics, but thought it would be fun to make an igloo from marshmallows, & also had fun playing with wax paper to get "northern lights"!

    2. Colorful Bubble Bath

      This was trying to show off some cool old marbles in a fun way, and Pink Panther, well, he's not just a toy, he's an action figure! (LOL)

    3. The Rat strikes the first blow

      This is a shot for another DGrin challenge (although I didn't end up using this for that challenge), and is a part of a composite telling of the basic Nutcracker story. That wouldn't qualify for this challenge (more than one photo), but here it is, ... the rest of the story!

    @CHANDLERJA - LOVE the train shots - so realistic!

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    Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen decorated for Christmas 2014. The dolls are figures from the Nutcracker Ballet.

    Santa Claus build of Lego

    Doll Museum at Broholm Castle, Denmark

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    Here is a challenge to your challenge. I didn't use the photos below because one could question whether the pics show models or toys (but they are close :# )

    A Halloween lover boy

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    If I was deciding, I would not call them either models or toys. I would say they are just decorations. They are not scaled representations of real people or objects, so they are not models. And I don't think the latter two would be played with. These are some other examples of decorations

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    Model carrier bike

    Model country

    Model (holy) family

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    Finished, results when done.

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