Wedding Day Sunset

Mark1616Mark1616 Major grinsRegistered Users Posts: 319 Major grins

I noticed that there wasn't much going on in the Wedding section so thought I would post a bit of work. Here are a couple of photos from a recent wedding.

I sure do love a sunset!!



I'm here to learn so please feel free to give me constructive criticism to help me become the photographer I desire to be.



  • ImYoshiImYoshi MadridRegistered Users Posts: 15 Big grins

    oh the first one gives me goosebumps, really, but I mean it positively though. You capture the sky cleverly, you nailed it!

  • kdotaylorkdotaylor Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,265 Major grins

    These are stunning!

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  • TasmanianTasmanian Quebec, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 486 Major grins

    Superb pics ! :)

  • compasiune11compasiune11 Beginner grinner romaniaRegistered Users Posts: 33 Big grins

    and... that is the reaseon they call it golden hour! Superb photos!

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