Excellent tips for beginners

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Reading photography tips is great but some of us are visual learners. This article backs the advice and technique tips with great photo examples.



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    Whilst the tips mentioned are the usual / standard ones - and as such are fairly accurate =- the examples don't do that much for me, sorry.
    Imo, shooting pics on holiday suffers from one big disadvantage - time. Whilst the author mentions the benefits of 'slowing down' and shooting 'important' shots at the 'bookends of the day / golden hours' - it's not possible to organise the weather / light you want to take full advantage of the scene you want to capture if you're on a tight schedule - and especially so if the purpose of the 'trip is a 'holiday where not all members of the group are signed up to messing around involved in taking pics.

    I don't spend vast amounts of time trawling the net looking at / for landscape pics as it's not a genre that particularly interests me - but when I do come across examples that appeal, they're quite often the result of repeat visits to the same location and thus getting to know it better than is often the case when on holiday.

    Travel / holiday pics also - for me, anyway - often embody such emotive content from the snapper's pov that isn't present for the casual viewer, for all manner of reasons - and then end up as one big, long visual yawn - as here. Anyone who's been taking (holiday / travel) pics for a while is probably familiar with the ''let's view the holiday slides evening' scenario :)

    Personally, I tend to keep 'Zoomer's (another Dgrinner) approach in mind for the basics of getting a half decent shot.



    As an example of how important Light / revisits to a scene are - I'd suggest some of these pics are good examples. I suspect the locations have been visited by many - but the results are unlikely to be similar to these?


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    And not a suggestion of shooting from a low vantage point either...... One that Puzzled Paul has pointed out to me many times, correctly as always.

    That link is a lovely website of highly processed landscape images - I really enjoyed looking at them. I liked this page as well - https://www.flickr.com/photos/86832534@N03/favorites

    It certainly is hard to beat talented locals, as they get to see some great locations over and over and over in the very best of light that travelers rarely get to see. I am often acutely aware of this when touring about, wishing for better light than heavy overcast. But one tries to do what one can, eh Paul?

    Is that flicker link a gallery of your's Paul?? Enquiring minds want to know.

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    Hi Jim, I decided to steer clear of my usual rant topic / subject ... since I doubt that it makes much difference to many / most people that read such stuff..
    I doubt that any of the pics I entered in mini 255 or the examples I used in (the current) 256 would've had the equivalent impact taken from higher povs though - irrespective of what anyone thinks about them.

    Using local bods, who're familiar with any given location is, of course another possibility - but I'd suggest this course of action is well outside the remit of most people going on a 'normal' holiday - which is what the OP's original linked article was about imo.

    Ahhh ... better light / dull greyness etc ... indeed, one has to make the best of what's there ... I went out on this particular day, specifically because heavy rain had been forecast ... little did I know what was actually going to happen :)
    In the end I witnessed the complete destruction of a coot's nest - and learnt several valuable lessons - even tho I took shelter during the actual hailstorm.

    Alas, I am not the same Paul as one I linked ... about the only similarities are an interest in lifeboats / RNLI and taking pics at both ends of the day. I doubt that one could be more central / away from salt water than where I live in the UK - and since I don't see the point in excessive travelling just for pic taking, it's unlikely to happen.
    I don't know if you read any of the accompanying text with Paul's pics ... but he's also got a good way with words too, imo.

    Good to interact with you again, btw.


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    Good to chat with you too, Paul. I didn't think that was your site, but I thought it might be since the first names were the same anyways.

    I shoot some landscapes from now and then, but none as nice as those in the link you posted. I keep trying though.

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