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What is the difference between title and caption on photos? What do customers see?



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    There are two entries for text - title, and caption. I don't always use both, but when I do, I enter them in Lightroom in the equivalent fields. The values then carry into my photos on smug.

    Customers can see both under the photo in lightbox. If you have galleries set to SmugMug style both fields will show under the large photo (if they contain text).

    Here's a screen shot of lightbox of a photo that has both a title and a caption.

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    That's a good example, that Titles show up in a bigger, bolder font in the lightbox.

    The other place you will notice it the most is in the Collage Portrait gallery style. While many of the gallery styles only show thumbnails, if a photo has a Title and Caption, the Collage Portrait style will show the thumbnail, the Title below the thumbnail, and below that, the Caption in smaller text.

    Note that in some software, the Caption field may be labeled Description.

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