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I am sick of Adobe, and I am looking to change to another brand of photo editing software. I have Windows, so I need to stay with that format. Would appreciate any recommendations for replacement of Photoshop Elements 14 and Lightroom .


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    I use Phase One, Capture One Pro (C1P). Despite the name, it's an excellent RAW conversion tool which can also process most other raster image files.

    It does have file management, but I'll admit it's much less useful than Lightroom. Since I have my own directory and file management system, it's less of an issue for me, but many folks do use C1P file management with good results.

    Primarily I really enjoy the excellent noise reduction and Clarity control, both of which work better for my use than Adobe products.

    C1P is available for Mac and Windows, and you can get a free 30 day trial. Purchase options include both subscription and license, single user and multi-user.

    I have no affiliation with Phase One, just a happy user.

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    Phase One is definitely a good choice, I once used it and it helped a lot. However, I prefer free editing tools like GIMP and Krita, which is quick, easy and has a straightforward display. There is surely more free photo software, you can have a small research an google and find the most suitable.

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    I can highly recommend to try a 30 day free evaluation of ACDSee Photo Studio. It has a full feature library management module as well as a very good RAW development and a photographic centred image editor. I use it in combination with Affinity Photo and am quite satisfied. I have never used Lightroom or Photoshop before, tho.

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    Take a look at Affinity Photo. You can do all your edits from RAW to JPG in one single program.

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    This looks like a really old post, but in case someone else is looking for an alternative to Adobe, look at DxO PhotoLab Elite. I'm loving their "Prime" noise reduction feature as well as their lens profiles and film colors. Their sharpening is also better than Adobe. I have an Adobe subscription, but have barely used it for anything these past few months, because DxO is that capable. Is it perfect? No, but unless you like to cut/paste or do heavy artistic edits, it can handle a lot. All the images on my website have been edited using DxO.
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    I stopped using this paid options and right now when I edit photos I don't use crazy effects but I take advantage of the tools mac has and it works great for me. However, if I do something crazy I will most probably use GIMP.
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