Slideshow problem on Windows 10 laptop

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I have an ASUS 15 in. gaming laptop running Windows 10 and I think I'm using the SmugMug default layout. When I click on the play icon above the larger picture on the right to go to a full screen slide show, the pictures are cropped off a little at the bottom and my captions don't show. I also have a Windows 10 desktop and I don't have this problem on that. And other laptops of family members and friends don't have this problem. Anyone know what the problem might be?


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    Hey There. Could you please post a link to example gallery, where you are experiencing this behaviour. Could you also tell us what is the name and version of the web browser that you are using on this laptop. If you could also tell us the resolution of your screen - this would help us as well.

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    Might also check to see if the browser has some "zoom" added. If so, set the browser to 100 percent or even a little less than 100 percent.

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