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Since a few years already, there is no stable API for SmugMug anymore. v1.x is deprecated, v2 is beta, which is quite unfortunate. When does SmugMug plan to make the API v2 stable?


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    edited December 6, 2017
    We are heavy users of SmugMug and I have been asking this for the past few years. Since they don't appear to be responding here, I will share the latest talking points I got from them a few weeks ago for the benefit of others:

    - API 1.x is deprecated and consumers of the API are strongly encouraged to switch to 2.0.
    - There is no timeline for them deactivating access to API 1.x, but they say they will notify everyone well in advance. Believe me, I have pressed for a better answer but this is as much as they are willing to say.
    - API 2.0 is for all intents and purposes out of beta and can be used reliably for production workloads. Why does it still have a beta tag? The best answer I've gotten for this is that the development team wants to make sure to dot every i and cross every t before moving it out of beta, but I'm sure there is a more honest answer to be had. Four years is a long time for an API to be in beta.

    We are working on migrating from 1.2.2 to 2.0 at the moment. You must use OAuth 1.0a (*not* 2.0) for authorization in the 2.0 API. Once you get that sorted out (this is the easy part), then you have to actually figure out the 2.0 API, which, being modeled as a standard REST API, is not especially exotic, but a mastery of which relies on understanding how SmugMug organizes things. Concepts such as:

    - Folders
    - Albums (also known as 'Galleries')
    - Nodes (a node in SmugMug is a folder, or an album, or a page... don't ask me what a 'page' is...)
    - The differences between SmugMug subdomains, account nicknames, and the username you use to log in to SmugMug (your e-mail address)
    - Album IDs, vs. Album keys, vs. Node IDs...
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