Suggest a lab for night photos

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It seems like most photo prints are adequate, but night photos with a starry sky seem to be a challenge for prints. Dark areas detail gets lost and fewer stars show in the sky.
I tried Mpix for a special print and was disappointed that it was too dark. Can anyone suggest a lab that produces prints with detailed shadows and starry night skys?
Yes, my monitor is calibrated and I don't allow labs to "color correct" my prints.


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    It sounds like you have your brightness for the monitor cranked up. I recommend matching monitor brightness to match a print. Reason I suggest this is because every image i've ever had printed has always matched what I seen on my monitor.

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    My monitor is fine, I get mixed results from labs. Need a lab suggestion...
    I hear people claim that their prints match their monitor, but I dont believe it. A monitor is a luminous medium while a print is a reflective medium. It's not possible for the two to match exactly. Plus there are differences in dynamic range between the two.
    I'm not looking for, or expect, a perfect match. I guess what I want is a lab that can produce prints with a large dynamic range.

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