Provide 90 min videos to customers?

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I don't do much with video, but recently had an event where part of the deliverable was a full recording of the show (two videos, one about 60 min, one about 90 min.) I was able to compress each video down to less than 3GB and still have it look quite good, however when I uploaded I was surprised by the 20 min. limitation.

I have two questions:

  1. What's the logic behind having a time limit? I understand the file size limitation, but doesn't 3GB that lasts 20 minutes eat just as much bandwidth as 3GB that lasts 60?

  2. What are folks using to deliver long videos digitally?




  • FreeheelvrmntFreeheelvrmnt Registered Users Posts: 29 Big grins

    I'm going to have this same problem again with two events I'm shooting in the fall. Any way that the 20 minute limit can be lifted if file sizes remain small enough? If not, what's the reasoning behind the 20 minute limit instead of just the file size limit?

    I'll need to deliver four roughly 60 minute videos to ~40 clients and would prefer to have a protected gallery vs. a link to a DropBox or Google Drive share like I've resorted to in the past.


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