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Where can I find example product images and descriptions so that the customer can see what a 'Mahogany Desk Organizer' looks like before they make a purchase? I coud not find descriptions or images of the products during the buying process. Cropping guides are present but not actual descriptions of the various products or images. Thanks


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    Oh I figured it out. If a customer selects BUY PHOTOS -->THIS PHOTO = images pop up showing product image examples.
    If they select PHOTOS FROM THIS GALLERY, examples product images are not given.
    I prefer the first option, does anyone know if there is anyway to set that as a default?

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    When you say "by default", do you just want to hide (remove) the option for "Photos from this gallery"?

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    I like the way customers can read descriptions and see examples of the products when they select THIS PHOTO, I am not sure how 'Photos from this gallery' is useful. So if it could be eliminated that would be easier I think. Is there a way to do this?
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