Airport Falcon II

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Once I read Tasmanian's Post I felt like sharing my story and ride his coat-tail on the post title, that it is spot on for both stories (please forgive me)
The pictures are cropped due to the distance from the subject, here it goes...
I am in the process of buying a used 400 mm 2.8 from a friend, so I asked him to take it for a test drive, he agreed and I was on my way to Ellington Field Airport near my house to do some Plane spotting.
After taking a few shoots at airplane a bird got my attention, so I pointed the camera his way and saw this little Falcon perched on-top of a telephone pole. the fence is about 100 feet from the pole and my truck is about 40 feet from the fence so with the naked eye all I was able to see was the Falcon taking off every so often and do some weird acrobatic manouvers and than go back to the pole and pick his feet. After few try I was able to capture what he was really doing. I hope you will enjoy the same way I did .

P.S. this is by far the longest post I ever wrote :-)


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