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I am am trying to set up my smugmug site to have a "sticky" (or fixed) header. When I scroll down on my site, however, the header initially moves up off the top of the viewpoint (along with the boby of the page) and then "snaps back into place." This behavior is particularly pronounced in firefox, but also occurs (intermittently) on IE as well -- especially if I scroll fast with wheel on mouse.

He is a link to a gallery where this behavior can be observed:

Any idea what is causing this behavior? Thanks in advance for any help


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    So that is part of our code why it does that. There is a moment when you start scrolling from the top that the code switches to keep that header pinned in place at the top. Initially the pinned section is just drawn on the page normally, then once you begin scrolling it makes the change and sets that section to a fixed position. It's that moment of change in the code that makes the header sort of snap back into place once you have scrolled down. I don't know of a way to override that. As just setting the header to a fixed position will remove the space it takes up initially and makes it overlap the other content on the page before you start scrolling.

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    Thank you, Eric.

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