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I spent a magical morning at the lakes of the Atacama watching these beautiful flamingos silent bask in the sun. Any comments or suggestions gratefully received.





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    I like the symmetry in the reflections in the third image.

    You will be more likely to get comments if you embed your photos directly in your post. You can do that by using the image dropdown, then supplying the URL of the image on your site.

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    As 'wildlife' shots, I wonder if you've considering cropping 2 and 3 - to both de-centralise the subjects and make them somewhat larger in frame?
    Unsurprisingly, I'd suggest - in general with wildlife, but specifically when there's water around - trying a lower pov / viewpoint. As a 700D user, with an articulated screen, it won't even cost you a bean :)
    By 'low' I mean ground or water level, not just crouching / kneeling - If you're concerned about getting the cam base messy - even something like a plastic carrier bag (with folded T shirt or similar) inside will do for trial purposes.
    You might not like the results - but at least give it a go - doing so won't guarantee a 'good' shot - but it'll almost certainly be a different one from almost everyone else's, who's standing next to you, snapping away ...

    Ultimately - for wildlife shots - I think one has to decide whether you're after a pic that's essentially a landscape (or 'record' shot) - with a bit of added fauna - or a pic where the subject plays a bigger role in frame ... and add other positive reasons to view the image, such as behaviour / drama etc - and most importantly - lighting.


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