Product Releases: iOS and Android Updates 2017-12-20

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This week our iOS and Android teams have been busy. We've launched iOS v3.3.2 and Android v3.5.1 to the App Store and Play Store, respectively

iOS Updates:

  • Support for iPhone X
  • Fixed a common crash
  • First step in fixing issues people have had with spinning squares that never go away.. The spinning squares should no long spin forever, however, some customers may report the items in their folders/galleries shown in the app don’t match what’s on SmugMug. We’re still working on the fix for that (to be released after the holidays)

Android Updates:
This morning we pushed Android v3.5.1 to the Play Store. It included:

  • Revisions to the launch screens for signing-up for a trial, following a photographer, or logging in
  • Updates to the home screens if they were empty (home, history, favorites)
  • Some bug fixes and crashes
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