Bicycle Racing - Intelligentsia Cup 2017

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I shot one day's schedule of this local race series back in 2016 and ran this thread of that one. I had been negligent in posting the 2017 update for far too long and wanted to get this up here before 2018 was upon us.

Like last year, the weather could not have been more perfect with decent light and no wind. It was pointed out to me after posting the thread last season that I had my ISO's up too high - something I corrected for with this set.

The lake course was the same 1.4 mile loop with 13 rather tight corners and some challenging hills. The racers either hate or love this race site. We're happy to say the main series sponsor, Intelligentsia, has renewed again for the third straight year. I plan on being part of this again.

ONE. Over the Flowers. Masters 35+

TWO. Masters 35+ Head On

2017 Intelligentsia Cup Series - Tour of Lake Ellyn

THREE. Pro Women 1/2

FOUR. Masters 50+/60+ Pan

2017 Intelligentsia Cup Series - Tour of Lake Ellyn

FIVE. Cat 4/5 Cornering
It was late into editing this that I noticed the right leg prosthesis!

2017 Intelligentsia Cup Series - Tour of Lake Ellyn

SIX. Pro Finish
The race was a tie, by everyone's eyes. Instant replay was almost fooled. The rider on the left was declared the winner by one ten thousandths of a second.

2017 Intelligentsia Cup Series - Tour of Lake Ellyn

My full 2017 race gallery is here with a link at the top of the day's outtakes.
Intelligentsia Race Series main link:

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