Fine Art Papers (x posted in Mind Your Business)

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Looking through the tomes of the past, I see this specific question asked and killed way back in '06..... Fine Art Paper prints. I have sold a couple of prints that I ordered through Bay Photo in order to get the prints on Hahnemuhle William Turner rag with a styrene back. I have had the thought of setting it up so that is the only option that customers can order from me are this way, yet SM doesn't have that as an option. I can certainly continue to take a request, upload to Bay, order it, then send it out to my customer, but........

I am sure I am the rare percentage that is asking for this capability to be looked at and that considering it does not fit within Pareto's parameters to bother with, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

Any chances to introduce an option for fine art papers and the ability for sellers to limit style, type and size of prints?

Lee Wiren
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