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Looking through the tomes of the past, I see this specific question asked and killed way back in '06..... Fine Art Paper prints. I have sold a couple of prints that I ordered through Bay Photo in order to get the prints on Hahnemuhle William Turner rag with a styrene back. I have had the thought of setting it up so that is the only option that customers can order from me are this way, yet SM doesn't have that as an option. I can certainly continue to take a request, upload to Bay, order it, then send it out to my customer, but........

I am sure I am the rare percentage that is asking for this capability to be looked at and that considering it does not fit within Pareto's parameters to bother with, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

Any chances to introduce an option for fine art papers and the ability for sellers to limit style, type and size of prints?

Lee Wiren


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    Wiren for the life of me I cannot understand why there is so little support for adding fine art papers from Bay Photo. I am one of the people who has been asking for years, and I believe that all of my "votes" are currently allocated to this request on SmugMug's User Voice platform (if they even still pay attention to that). I can only think that many people who call themselves a "Fine Art Photographer" have never compared prints on various papers to make an educated decision as to which best suits their work, and the rest have already moved on. I've been patient over the years as SmugMug has paid increasing attention to hobbyists and portrait/wedding photographers (in all fairness, high volume = more $$ for SM, so I can't fault them for catering to wedding and portrait photographers) while neglecting the needs of fine art photographers. I have come to the conclusion that SmugMug is not the place for anyone who wants to sell fine art prints on fine art papers. I do almost all of my fine art prints directly with Bay Photo for this very reason, and every year it gets harder and harder to justify staying with SmugMug, especially after the big price increase for the Pro level accounts a few years ago.

    As to the second part of your question, we can already limit the style, type and size of prints. You need to have a Business (Pro) level account to enable multiple price sheets. You can then limit the choices on individual galleries, or even individual photos if you desire.

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    Hi Lee,
    If you haven't done so yet, I would suggest that you check out the existing suggestion on the SmugMug feedback page and vote on this. Our product management team follows closely the suggestions and comments made on our feedback page and takes them into account when working on new features and changes to existing features.

    Lori, thanks for your patience. From what I can see, these types of products haven't been requested very often yet, however this doesn't mean we won't be adding something like this in a future update. While our product management team can't reply to all the suggestions made, please be assured that they're reading all the suggestions and comments that come in.

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    Thanks Lori. I have had a pro account with SM for 7 years. I do set up the standard offered prints. That part of my statement/question was for the ability of fine art papers at specified sizes (kind of like the standard fare offered now).

    I will look into the SM Feedback page... but can't say as I am hopeful for that. I work in an industry where things that many folks want for improvements get swept under the carpet. Thank you for your replies Lori and Sebastian, I was starting to think I had posted in vain.

    Lee Wiren
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