Barrel cactus

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Last Tuesday, with the assistance of accumulated Amazon gift cards, I got my first macro lens. A barrel cactus in our mountain preserve offered an interesting subject. I'm not putting these in the macro forum because one isn't, even though I used the macro lens on it. Criticism is always welcome.


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    Thanks for posting the first image to show a view of the cactus - it would have been hard to imagine based on the macro photos!

    I find the second shot the more interesting of the two macro shots. It looks somewhat out of this world, probably more so since I don't see cactus here! I can imagine the thorns reaching for me.

    Macro lenses are fun, aren't they?

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    The macro images remind me a bit of Fractalius /G'MIC processed images. However, these are so much more intriguing!
    Nicely done, both in seeing and in capturing/processing. Fascinating and commanding attention.

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    Denise, Ziggy, thanks very much for commenting. One thing that came home to me during this outing is that you have to compose this kind of image as carefully as any other, and it can be a challenge.

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    Great work Don!

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    Very, very nice. I'd blow up that second one really big and call it " Ouch ".

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    Taz, Tom, thanks. "I'd blow up that second one really big and call it 'Ouch'"." :)

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