Examples please of customized Nav Bars

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I am in the middle of creating my new website. I am the designer, but I have a coder who is doing the behind-the-curtain HTML and CSS work for me. For the photo galleries pages of the website (which may be previewed at dev.sallywienergrotta.com) , I"m using my SmugMug page (pixels.smugmug.com). I want the SmugMug pages to have a Nav Bar styling identical to that on the main website (though with different colors). My coder says that she can't override the SmugMug styling.

She asked me for examples of sites that have created stylized Nav Bars that override SmugMug styling. Please share some links with me.

Also, if you have any hints on how to go about creating the NavBar on my main website in SmugMug, I'd really appreciate your suggestions.

Thank you, Sally


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