How to contact Instagram about login issues???????

fabthifabthi Registered Users Posts: 263 Major grins

Hi everybody
hope this is the right place to ask about the issue I'm facing.
Thing is I'm "partially" locked out of my Instagram account; I'm saying partially because I can still make the access from my phone app but I can't access anymore Instagram from my pc as my username is not recognized, though is obviously the same I have in use on the mobile app.
It all started when I installed the usual browser on a new computer and wanted to get to Instagram from that machine; I got a message saying "the username doesn't belong to any existing account"
Very odd because when I try to reset the password, the username is correctly recognized and I got the reset link in my registered email account; but then once I create a new PW I soon after get an error message that says "the page you're looking for doesn't exist or link is corrupted"
How can I contact Instagram to sort out this problem???????



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