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thyferethyfere Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 2Registered Users Beginner grinner

I am planning to run FB and Google ads. I need to build a landing page though. Did someone already do that? If yes, lemme know how can I do that with SmugMug customized websites. I already have a Smugmug customized website.

If it has already been discussed, refer me there :)


  • picturebikepicturebike Major grins Posts: 155Registered Users Major grins

    one problem you will find is that smugmug does not support facebook pixel tracking, so you wont be able to use facebook advertising to its full potential. i wish they did : /

  • Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight SmugMug Hero Posts: 35Registered Users Big grins

    You can make an independent homepage so that you have that landing page feature, where the homepage is a separate design or layout than the rest of your site. To use the independent homepage, go to Customize → Content/Design → upper right choose the Setting button →turn ON independent homepage → save that change and then while in the customizer, select your Homepage on the upper right and make the changes and design to the page using content blocks. :)

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