Neptunes Prison

WirenWiren WirenPosts: 739Registered Users Major grins
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An old river side pump box or something from the way back days.... I imagine it to be what humans thought would make a good prison for Neptune or his mermen...oh yeah, this was f11 250 242s with a Lee 15ND filter. I was really trying to smooth out the water.. probably didn't need 4 minutes to do so, but I just got the super stopper and wanted to give it a go. Also, edited entirely with onOne Photo Raw 2018, trying to give up LR.

Lee Wiren


  • JuanoJuano Major grins Brasilia, BrazilPosts: 3,516Registered Users Major grins

    I like the shot, very interesting tonalities, I am surprised that you didn't get more movement in the sky.

  • WirenWiren Wiren Posts: 739Registered Users Major grins

    Thanks, it was a very slow day in the sky - not much for movement, at least until after I was on my way home, once home the clouds started rolling in!

    Lee Wiren
  • StumblebumStumblebum I shoot, therefore I am Posts: 7,462Registered Users Major grins

    Stunning pic Lee! Congrats!

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