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I continue to mine my hard drive of images I shot last month in Yellowstone, and alter my editing choices a bit as I spend more time with them, and I think I have found a few more interesting images.

The bison kill at Bijah Springs was wonderful to see, but the boiling mud pot, right next to the carcass, exhaled large clouds of water vapor across the scene intermittently, creating very hazy blurry images, almost impossible to see through. But if the haze wasn't too severe, and one is careful with their image editing settings in Light Room, and uses the De-Haze filter lightly, one can salvage an occasional image, like this wolf approaching the kill.

Canon 7D MK II Tamron 150-600 G2 lens at 600mm ISO 400, 1/1600th sec, f8

This Big Horn is resting in the meadow south of Gardiner

Canon 7D Mk II Tamron 150-600 G2 at 600mm, ISO 500 1/400th , f7.1

And this image of elk, geese, snow covered trees and falling snow, shot with a 1DX Mk II and a Canon 100-400 at 182 mm ISO 400 f5.6 at 1/800th

Comments and criticism encouraged

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    Nice shots. I do have a couple of crop suggestions. I don't think a panoramic aspect adds anything in #2--a 4x3 or even square crop would make the subject fill more of the frame, I'd also crop the near bank out at the bottom of #3. The wolf is good, but reminds me of puzzledpaul's advice about a lower POV, which might have improved it. Too late now, of course, so it's just a comment. Sure looks cold out there....brrrrr.

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    Hi Richard, I really rather like my big horn in 2x1 aspect ratio, but at your suggestion I went back and played with it in 3x4, and I think I may agree with you - it is just a tad darker as well as the change in crop

    I tried removing the snow bank at the bottom of image three, but I kept putting it back as it seems lacking without it to my eye. Ah well

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    Superb Jim! I like the second cropped version of the big horn as well! Cheers!

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