Who's using affiliate marketing / links on their website?

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I'm just curious to know who's using affiliate links on their website to try to make extra money?

If you don't know - affiliate marketing is a way of earning a commission by recommending products to others online.

Some good examples of this:

  • Ken Rockwell reviews cameras and lenses on his website. Each product link is a unique affiliate link that tells companies like Amazon or B&H photo that the person came to their site through Ken's special link. If a sale is made, Ken earns a commission.
  • Trey Ratcliff does this too.
  • SmugMug has an affilaite program too - so it's not just cameras and gear.

But I would love to know if you have used affiliate marketing....maybe you have a "What's in the bag" or "Tools and Resources" page?

Or maybe you do product review posts?

Looking for examples to use on a blog post I'm writing about affiliate marketing. So you'll get a link to your website if you share it with me!



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