Arches and Canyonlands NP

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Here are a few from winter trip which i finally got around to processing.

1)This is on drive from Cali to Utah..


3)both parks had this cool little post in front of the signage for family shots which I was just thrilled more than what a normal person should be...

4)Canyonlands with the fam


6)wifey taking a break

7)me looking majestic as f*ck hehe

8)my brother from Boston..1st NP for him. His family loved it!

9) my morning shot of mesa arch

10) sister-in-law looking fab in Park Ave at ANP

11) on the way to landscape arch

12) landscape arch..peak height is 290 feet! massive!

13) my shot of delicate arch

14) double arch

15) double arch inside looking out

D700, D600
14-24 24-70 70-200mm (vr2)
85 and 50 1.4
45 PC and sb910 x2


  • kdogkdog artistically challenged San Jose, CAPosts: 11,136Administrators moderator

    Nice snaps, Daniel! Very nice comps. So cool you got it with snow. Looks like you had a great trip with the family. How was the crowd at Mesa Arch? Shoulder to shoulder?

  • David_S85David_S85 Spotter of Dgrin Spam and Oddities ChicagolandPosts: 11,864Administrators moderator

    Beautiful shots! AIn't the snow on the red rocks pretty? I've been there in mid winter and mid summer. I much preferred the winter look of the park, possibly also due to the fact that there weren't a million visitors that day.

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  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MAPosts: 11,677Super Moderators moderator

    I love these! The snow adds to the magic, so wonderful that you experienced it.

  • pathfinderpathfinder Drive By Digital Shooter western IndianaPosts: 14,182Super Moderators moderator

    I think that is Wolf Canyon on I-70 in the first image.

    Great sky you had at Delicate Arch - you sure you don't want that image in color? Or at least high contrast B&W?

    Snow on the red rocks can be just gorgeous in red rock country, but it usually doesn't last very long.

    Looks like you all had a great time.

    Did you take in Dead Horse State Park while you were out there as well?

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  • QarikQarik Krazy Korean Posts: 4,959Registered Users Major grins

    Thanks for looking at commenting all!

    Kdog, yes it was shoulder to shoulder even 1 hour before sunrise in the dead of winter!

    Pathfinder, geez..I actually miss 1st few shots are from dead horse state park!

    D700, D600
    14-24 24-70 70-200mm (vr2)
    85 and 50 1.4
    45 PC and sb910 x2
  • TasmanianTasmanian Quebec, CanadaPosts: 447Registered Users Major grins

    Nice set. Beautiful !

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