Getting Images from a specific album

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Using the API, I am trying to get images from a specific album (i only have its url). But for that, i need its albumkey and albumID. Using album_get() I can loop through all albums until i can find the correct key by the title, but this seems very time consuming and resource intensive (I have more than 400 albums now and I keep getting timeouts when I do this). Is there a quicker way to query an album when I know its title or url?

Thanks very much!


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    If your 400 albums are in one folder, you only need to call one GET on the parent folder node in order to retrieve a list of all child albums. You get all children (including album names) in one go. If you have nested folders, then you need a GET for each level in the folder hierarchy
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    Thanks Kusi!
    I have now moved on to API v2 and it has an awesome endpoint to get an album from its uri: urlpathlookup
    So I am now able to do this directly from its url eg.

    SO much cleaner and more efficient!
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