Samsung S9+ Review

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I pre-ordered the new Samsung S9+ and received it on Friday. Been testing it over the weekend and was very impressed. Any one else have it already? What is your impression? The Super slo-mo is good, except indoors the light is just not enough. The quality of the photos themselves surprised me and I thought my S7 was good.



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    Goodness, I am going to have a REALLY hard time staying in the Apple eco-system when my iPhone 7+ is ready to be retired unless Apple re-thinks its strategy. I watched a review for the S8 vs Pixel 2 and they pointed out the way that on apple you cannot turn off the names of the apps even though everyone knows the apps by their logo and they have to be arranged only in the way that apple likes. Every since I read that review I have been really irritated by the way I can't see my wallpaper behind the apps and cannot turn off the names.

    Couple those concerns with how amazing the photos are on the samsung and google phones and its going to be a hard sell to stick with Apple.

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