Wedding Photographers - Where and do you find second shooters?

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I a wedding photographer. I need second shooters for some of my upcoming weddings. My question: where and do you find second shooters?

Thanks so much!


  • sdbsdb italyPosts: 57Registered Users Big grins
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    Hi, first choice: my beloved one, she's also photographer :)
    If she is not available, through the friendships with photographers that I've known over the years, in these cases we help each other.

    There are also many specific web portals where photographers propose themselves for collaborations. Here in Italy there we've the national wedding association, surely also in the U.S there are many.

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    I have a number of photographer friends who shoot weddings (I generally don't). There have been times when they have needed a second shooter and they asked me because they knew me. So, I guess my suggestion would be to network with other local photographers in your area. Perhaps even mentor photography students at a nearby college....


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