New cart issues

RKnechtRKnecht Major grinsRegistered Users Posts: 366 Major grins

So, we have a fancy new cart and I can no longer sell mugs because the "disable crop" option is no longer available. Why do we "fix" things that are not broken? I am getting beyond frustrated by these changes. I am paying for a Pro account and have had to out source 15 items I used to be able to sell via my cart. I now have to use BAY ROES or EZPrints directly to place orders. Can you please tell me why I have a Pro account again?

A few Nikon bodies and some fast Nikon glass


  • ShinryaShinrya Peter Stewart Hong KongRegistered Users Posts: 165 Major grins

    Is there a chance this could just be a small bug? Have you tired reporting it to SM?

    Overall, I think the new cart is a very welcome update. It's cleaner, simpler and much more modern looking.

  • Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight SmugMug Hero Registered Users Posts: 42 Big grins

    The 'no crop' option is not available in the new cart. Please write to us at [email protected] and we can provide your feedback on that feature to our teams. :)

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  • JSS44JSS44 Big grins Registered Users Posts: 46 Big grins

    I, too, would like to disable the crop option the shopping cart. Also, is it no longer possible to include our own logo/account name somewhere on the cart page? I have my account set up to do so, but I don't see it on the new cart.

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