Nikon D850 Autofocus in low light compared to D4 or D5?

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Is there anybody who has (or used to have) both the new Nikon D850 AND D3 or D4 or D5?

I am just wondering how similar the Autofocus in LOW LIGHT in the D850 compared to one of the Nikon D3, 4, 5 flagship cameras. Is AF same; accurate and fast for low light action, wedding reception dancing, etc?

Thanks so much!


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    I have absolutely 0 issues.
    I did, however, have a fight to get d4 to focus in the same setting before.

    d5 did an excellent job as well.

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    Thanks so much! I will experiment with Sony mirrorless for a while. I may return to D850 soon...

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    I shoot with a friend who has a D5 (as do I). He has a D850, and alternates back and forth between loving it and hating it in terms of focus. He really loves the resolution and color (and he strives to keep ISO low even though in sports). I think what he's finding is that it is not as good at focus tracking, not focus per se. I have not heard him complain on low light focus.

    I will also offer the observation, counter to most things published, that I find the low light focus on the D4 (and even D800) better than the D5. Please note I'm talking here about focusing in near dark, not tracking -- the D5 is head and shoulders above the D4 and D800 in terms of tracking, focus accuracy, focus during bursts. Really just about everything but focusing in serious darkness, the kind where your eye has trouble seeing the subject also. The D800 and D4 to me do a better job there.

    But back to the point -- I've watched him, and I know he REALLY wanted the D850 to supplant the D5 due to the better images (at least higher resolution) but I've noticed him using it less and less in challenging sports, and bring the D5 out again. He's absolutely in love with the camera, but the D5 appears to have a significant edge in general on focusing.

    All second hand.

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