Goat Herder on Cellphone

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from a moving bus...



  • kdogkdog artistically challenged San Jose, CAAdministrators Posts: 11,678 moderator

    Nice. You see a lot of that in Africa too -- natives living primitively, but texting or doing Facebook on their phones.

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    Nowadays people in these remote areas in under developed regions can get a new cell phone for $5

    India telacom gives first 6 months free.. This shot is about 5 yrs old & things are moving rapidly

    I'm planning on going back next year - let's see how far along things have gone...

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    I remember this shot from a prior posting. That must somehow speak to the impression it made on me at the time. I look forward to the images your next trip to India will produce.

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    I always wanted to lie naked on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace. Cracker Barrel didn't take kindly to it.
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    Really... sorry...

    I didn't see much smartphone use in Vietnam (these folks are real poor); this was one of the few I saw...

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