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Hi Folks,

I believe that SM doesn't have native blogging platform. How can I maintain a blogging page on SM website? Need few ideas. I have seen a couple of threads in this regard but they are old. Maybe there are new ways out there. By the way, why SM doesn't work on this feature?

Second, I want to create a landing page for my social media ads that will have forms. Are forms supported on SM website or again this is another feature that is missing? :(



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    A few people handle blogging in different ways. One is that you can create "Pages" in SmugMug that are set to look like blogs. This is a little tedious but can be done. The other option is to use a WordPress or other blogging site and make it look like your SmugMug site, and link back and forth with each other. The benefit to this is that it can help boost SEO by using a website with a high rank like WordPress or blogger, and linking it to your SmugMug site.

    Blogging is something we'd love to get to at some point in the future.

    Using a "Wufoo Content Block" you can embed forms into your page, using the Wufoo tool.

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    I use "pages" in Smug Mug. It does take a while to create, but looks pretty good IMO. My only complaint is that I can't select a "feature" photo for that post from any of the existing albums and I can't "create" a gallery or folder on that page as far as I can tell. It's important, because if I ever decide to share it, it will not have a feature image go to with the link.
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    You can select any photo to feature on your site for any folder, page or gallery.

    Customize > Page Settings > Feature Image
    In the upper left corner browse to anywhere and pick a photo.

    Customize > Content and Design
    Right flyout under "Add Content Block" expand "PHOTOS"
    Slide a "Multiple Photos" widget/box out to the page. In it select whatever gallery you want the photos to show from.

    If you have multiple posts on one page add a single photo box/widget to each post and select a photo from anywhere on your site.

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