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Hikin' MikeHikin' Mike Walkin' like a Penguin!Atwater, CaRegistered Users Posts: 4,840 Major grins

I like the new look. Still don't like the "no Cropping" option, but I can live with it.

I noticed when you're viewing a gallery and click "Buy Photos > Photos from this gallery", my cart looks more like SmugMug (black background, green button) then my site (white background, orange button). When you click on "Buy > This Photo", the cart looks like my site.

Is this going to be "fixed"?


  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MASuper Moderators Posts: 12,784 moderator

    I've noticed the same thing.

    I don't understand why you've moved to allowing cropping of photos. I chose the sizes on my site so cropping is not needed - I don't want any cropping allowed when the photo matches the size.

    On the "Buy Photos > Photos from this gallery", I hope this will be fixed quickly. Bringing up a black background page on a site that uses a white background is quite unsettling. Is a fix planned?

  • ShinryaShinrya Peter Stewart Hong KongRegistered Users Posts: 163 Major grins

    I'm confused too.

    I just received the newsletter email from Smugmug about the changes to the cart and it mentions the cart matching our own sites look. Upon deleting cashes and checking with multiple browsers, my cart is still black background with SM style green buttons. I'm not complaining at the new shopping cart is miles better than the old and a welcome update, but being able to match our own sites background color and button color would be awesome.

    There's also this paragraph in the email presumably about analytics
    "Track and test. We’ve updated the code, which gives you better access to helpful tracking and data. Now you can see just how your cart is performing and what improvements you can make to sell more photos"

    What exactly is this and how can we access it?

    A further question: As I'm always trying to simplify the buying process as much as possible in terms of removing hurdles for customers, would it be possible to COMPLETELY REMOVE the pop-up menus that appear when clicking on the BUY button under an individual image? I would much rather that pressing BUY takes you straight to the Prints/WallArt/Downloads page rather than needlessly throwing up another pop-up menu (THIS PHOTO & PHOTOS FROM GALLERIES). It just seems redundant to me.

  • David EvertsenDavid Evertsen Regular Grin-Orama Orlando, FLRegistered Users Posts: 524 Major grins

    When I received the email about the new cart and saw the cart testing. I emailed support and asked how I get to testing. I received this reply below. I asked them to send out an updated email telling folks the testing wasn't live.. They haven't sent it yet.. Honestly really sad to see the lack of response on DGRIN to your question from April 12th..

    Hi David

    I just talked with our marketing and engineering teams - that last portion (Track and Test) was not meant to be included in the email. Although we are working on some exciting tools in this area, they're not quite ready for primetime :-)

    Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for bringing it to my attention!

    @ SmugMug

  • ShinryaShinrya Peter Stewart Hong KongRegistered Users Posts: 163 Major grins

    Thanks for letting us all know David. I'm sure I wasn't the only one curious about the "track and test" paragraph.

    Given todays other Smugmug news however, looks like the team have been pretty busy with other stuff behind the scenes :)

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