Dgrin Mini Challenge #264 - Panning - RESULTS

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Thank you all for the great entries to this Mini. I enjoy panning shots, and you guys didn't disappoint! I love seeing the blurred backgrounds depicting the speed of a perfectly focused subject. I am jealous of the talent shown here!

Some comments:

Moose: Racing probably makes one of the best venues for panning and your shots are really well done. I love the lighting and brake rotors on the Sebring shot and the ferris wheel in the background on the Rolex 24. Although Keselowski is not my favorite Nascar personality :smile: , the focus on the Pocono shot is right on! Actually, the focus on all three shots is right on.

Pieter: Although the subjects are a bit blurred in the human racing shots, I laughed out loud at the big feet! These certainly show the speed! The shot of the 'taxi' in India is so well done - perfect focus on the taxi and the men (one of which looks like he's holding on for dear life), with a wonderfully blurred background showing the speed of the vehicle.

Dave G: Old cars in Cuba make for fun shots, however there is not quite enough bluring of the background to show speed. But I like the shot anyway! Your duck shots are good - I especially like the last one with the reflection. As I said before - Stunt Ducks.

Peter (GSPeP): Both motorcycle shots show nice speed with good focus on the subject. The KTM has so much detail on the bike and driver, I think that one is my favorite of the two. The skier is superb!

Paul: As always, your bird shots are all wonderful with such satisfying POVs. The Great Crested Grebe probably is the best example of panning of all three. The background and the fact that the bird is leaning forward increases the feeling of speed. His expression also seems to have a goal in mind. The last three shots you posted that are not entries - all lovely and I hope they have been framed and hung!

Lillian: Love kitty running through the tall grass - his/her face is well focused. Spinning in the Park is so lovely! It's probably not considered panning, but it is so unusual and well done.

Jeromy: Your motorcycle shot is focused so well and does show speed. Good action on the Basketball court too. But your girl on a swing rope is superb - focus, speed and the reaction on her face is so good. It just makes me smile every time I look at it.

Results - you guys didn't make my job easy - you are all so talented.

Honorable Mention:

Peter (GSPeP) - KTM - great lighting, focus and feeling of speed.

Paul - Great Crested Grebe - Although the Grebe may not show much speed, one can feel the movement in the shot. I love the bird's expression as well.

Top Three:

Third place: Moose - Brad Keselowski at Pocono.

Second Place: Jeromy - Field Trip rope swing

First Place - Pieter (Pegelli) - India

Congratulations Pieter on a perfect panning shot. Speed, focus, and story - it has it all. Your turn to pick the next Mini Challenge!


  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 6,749Super Moderators moderator

    Thank you Jo for running an awesome mini challenge! Congrats to Pieter for the win and all the runner ups! I enjoyed seeing all the great images. I had nothing in my files that were worthy and no prospect came about to go out and get some images for this challenge. Kudos to all who entered!

  • DavidRGillespieDavidRGillespie Chilliwack, British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 341Registered Users Many Grins

    Thanks for the comments, Jo. This was a great challenge and is certainly an incentive for me to get out and practice this skill. Congratulations to all.

  • jwearjwear learning now shoot & cuss LOS ANGELESPosts: 7,986Registered Users Major grins

    Very good job of running the challenge, even better on comments and picking the top 3

    Jeff W


  • puzzledpaulpuzzledpaul low down bum Posts: 1,620Registered Users Major grins

    Thanks for the nod and well done to all entrants.+ a good job running it .


  • GSPePGSPeP Major grins Steendorp, BelgiumPosts: 2,852Registered Users Major grins

    Congratulations to the winners. Was an interesting challenge.

  • pegellipegelli Major grins BelgiumPosts: 4,828Registered Users Major grins

    Wow, I'm honored, never expected this among so many great entries.

    Congrats to Jeromy and Moose for 2nd and 3rd place. Actually Jeromy's shot was my favorite because of the perfect executionand the priceless facial expression.

    Also congrats to the HM's and other participants,, this challenge brought out a lot of good stuff, and thanks to Jo for a great mini and all the detailed comments for all the participants :)

    I'm quite busy at the moment, but I'll try to get something up latest Monday, but hopefully sooner.

    Pieter, aka pegelli
    My SmugMug
  • lkbartlkbart Wandering in left field~ Derby, KansasPosts: 1,598Registered Users Major grins

    Congrats Pieter! Wonderful winning shot, and the runners up also! That rope swing shot is really fun! Great challenge & feedback Jo!

    A photograph is an artistic expression of life, captured one moment at a time . . .
  • moose135moose135 Major grins Long Island, NY, Charlotte, NC and points between...Posts: 1,331Registered Users Major grins

    Congratulations, Pieter! Well done! And congratulations to the other winners as well. Thank you, Jo, for running the challenge, and for your insightful commentary!

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