Is it possible to have alt text or not?

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edited April 20, 2018 in SmugMug Support
Alright, so I have been going through the forum reading from different people asking about adding alt text to images, and still have yet to find a 100% answer.

Support continues to say that you can add ALT text attributes by adding a caption. However, this is WRONG. ALT text on images and captions are two different things. I am a big fan of Smugmug's SEO capabilities and plan to use it with another website/business I am building, however I want to know if this is even possible before wasting more time on it, and as this has been being asked for as a request for over 5 years now, state my dissatisfaction with this not being added as a functional, simple-to-use feature if it still is not there.

ETA: when I add the code myself into captions, the code just disappears and no alt text is added. Where can I go to add it if it is even possible??


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