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I want to take a picture with my phone and have the Smugmug app send it to the Smugmug website (cloud) without my intervention. I get that I can set up a gallery and have everything auto upload from there but is there a way to have every shot my camera takes automagically get added to that gallery and, so, then auto uploaded to the cloud?

(I get that uploading is dependant on charged battery and working internet connection... I'm more focused now on how to get stuff into the gallery without having to do it manually.)


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    I'm sorry to see no one's answered your question after a week! Yes, there's a way to set up auto-uploads through your SmugMug app. It has its limitations, & there's no decent way to know for sure what got uploaded & what didn't, besides digging into your gallery now & then. Also, remember that galleries can hold a max of 5000 images. (and become pretty unwieldy long before that, depending on the gallery style such as SmugMug Style or Collage, etc) Anyway, your first job is to create the gallery (or galleries) you want your uploads to auto-upload into. I usually create a few at a time. I first used a numbered system for the gallery titles but have switched back to Months/dates, so in my Mobile Archives galleries, I'll have a gallery called something like: "Auto Uploads - April" etc.

    Anyway, I can't tell you whether the iPhone app is different-- I have an Android (Samsung Note 5). In my SmugMug App, I go to "Settings" via that cog-wheel icon. You'll see various items-- Available content, Account, Sync, etc....scroll down to "Auto Upload - Automatically upload new photos and videos" . When you check the box, you'll be taken to your Folder / Gallery menu, & then you need to navigate to the gallery you want auto-uploads going into. Sadly, gallery titles don't wrap, so if you have long gallery titles that all begin with the same phrase, you may have a hard time choosing the correct gallery. When you've chosen, & get taken back to that "settings" menu, you'll be able to see the whole title. If it's not the right gallery, uncheck the box & then re-check it & you'll be taken to your galleries again & can choose the correct one. If you only want auto-uploading to happen over Wi-Fi, you'll need to check another box ("Sync over Wi-Fi only") in the Settings menu as well.

    Some limitations that bug me are the following: The app can't be set to only upload only if over Wi-Fi and when charging. It's aggravating if I'm trying to make a video in my backyard (& in Wi-Fi) & auto-uploading starts up & eats up phone battery, etc. Or I'm traveling & need to conserve battery til I get to a charger... uploading eats a lot of battery power. The thing is, if I uncheck the "Auto" box & continue filming, it won't later go back & upload stuff it missed unless I manually find all the missed uploads & individually set them for upload. But for now, this is what we've got. Hoping it'll improve in the future. It would also be nice if you could choose to upload only photos, or videos too. Another issue is that I get error messages fairly often, meaning something couldn't upload, or didn't upload correctly. But there's no way to do anything about them, and no way to check them later against what's gotten uploaded to see if something got missed. In a 3rd-party app I once had, you could easily see the Auto-uploads history & know what had been uploaded. You'll find the SmugMug app is very bare-bones... few options & little is explained. But it does give some peace of mind to know that at least most of your phone shots will get uploaded when set to "Auto-Upload". So good luck, & please post back if you run into trouble!

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