Would you pay for a shout out on social media to increase your followers?

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I’m looking at ways to increase my following on social media for my photography pages (Facebook and Instagram specifically). I was considering a paid shout out.

For those who don't know what a shout out is: where a Instagram or Facebook photography page / account with a lot of followers (50K - 12mil+) would post one of my photographs, with a link to my social media account/page, on their page/account, thereby exposing my work to their following, and directing their followers to my social media pages and resulting in an increase in authentic followers on my page. No like bots or fake followers!

The page I was considering does curate the submissions, so it's not a case of my work simply being featured because I paid (refund given if it does not). It would still have to meet their guidelines and quality standards and fit their aesthetics and overall theme.

Just wondering if any other photographers have done something similar? If so, what was your experience? Did you get a good amount of interest and followers afterwards? Would you consider it worth the money? How much would you be willing to spend if you got 100-500 new followers to your page? Are there any pages that will post a shout out for free? What kind of numbers of followers does the page need to have to be considered worthwhile for paying for a shout out? Is this practice frowned upon? Any other pointers?

PS. Not trying to make money initially from doing this, but building Instagram and Facebook pages and I'm thinking having the right followers can be leveraged for sales purposes in future.

Thanks for any help or advice :)


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    Do you really believe this will get you more followers?

    I can't imagine this being worth it. Perhaps the individual you pay has a lot of followers - but will those followers becoming followers for you just because of a single mention on a site? Yes, you may see some click-through activity initially. I would be surprised if this will translate into real followers.

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