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So, I recently purchased a CANON Rebel T6i from B&H and it was delivered via FedEx. I've been buying from them since last year and even use them for my business however for this one order I did not receive it. They usually ship goods via UPS which I have no problems receiving. I got an email from Fedex that the package has been delivered and signed by a JIM. I don't know any Jim, even checked the CCTV and no Fedex package was delivered that day. B&H says that Fedex denied their claim so they cannot help me further.

I am just annoyed and frustrated because that is a $800 camera that I have saved for the past 8 months and I feel like I don't have anything.

FedEx denied the claim because they said they spoke with the driver and he confirmed it was delivered (But was he sure it was the correct address???) so B&H denied my claim because they said FedEx confirmed they delivered the package. I opened a case with Paypal and they denied my claim because they said B&H provided them with a tracking number that shows delivered.

I tried contacting B&H again but I talked to two of their reps and no one seems to care about it or even show empathy.

I honestly don't know what to do anymore because this is my first time experiencing a package that has been lost. I know that it wasn't the fault of B&H but I just wished they could have look into it more and see the options on how to help me out.


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    Maybe you should take it up with FedEx. If you gave B&H the correct address and the tracking says it was delivered to that very same address, yet was signed by a Jim, FedEx clearly messed up. Take it up with their management and show them the B&H order, the tracking information and start saying things like small claims court, etc. Did B&H not insure the package? FedEx is responsible for losing the package or delivering to wrong address,.. but I would think B&H would pay for insurance on it.

    Do you know your neighbors? Start knocking on close-by doors and see who the hell could have signed for it. Ask them if they know a Jim. That's what I would try to do.

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    FedEx has been a good carrier for me, and B&H is a solid seller.

    I do recommend using a credit card for major purchases when possible just because that gives you an additional recourse of action for this kind of loss.

    I would still report this to the police and do get the serial number for the camera from B&H to use as part of the police report. (Get that serial number in an e-mail, make a copy of that e-mail and submit the copy to the police to add to their report.)

    I also recommend watching local sales forums to see if someone turns up selling a new Rebel T6i.

    Best of luck.

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    I'm very sorry for this situation. Please email henryp at bhphoto dot com. Include the B&H order number. I will see if there's anything else that can be done.

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    B&H is one of very few vendors I personally recommend, and the post above is a reason why I recommend them. True Excellence!

    Thanks, Henry!

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