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I'm looking to replace my 6 year old Dell XPS 8500 with a laptop for home computing and photo processing primarily to save room, and because it's starting to show signs of possible corruption (certain Windows apps like Edge, calculator and Windows store do not launch). Will be running Photoshop CS6 with Topaz and NIK plug-ins and Corel Painter. Also will want to use wireless full keyboard and mouse, Wacom tablet and existing Dell 27" monitor. Best Buy suggests Dell G Series 15.6" laptop with Intel i7, 8 GB memory, 256 GB SSD and Intel Geforce 1060 card. I also currently keep all working and final images on a separate drive for safety.

Like to hear what others think about this set-up or recommend others.



  • RichardRichard Mildly bemused Madrid, SpainAdministrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,597 moderator

    Sounds like a capable system. Depending on the kind of processing you do (and the image sizes) 8GB of RAM might be a bit tight. I'd suggest you just make sure that you can add an additional 8 GB later if necessary. Or just go for 16 GB now if the cost increment isn't much. You're probably going to use new software at some point during the life of this machine, which suggests that more memory might be a good idea.

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    Thanks, Richard. File sizes, depending on number of layers, get up to 300 mb or so. You're right about RAM and may just go for 16. More is almost always better, eh. And just got a Nikon D500, replacing my D300, so files will be bigger.

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