Dgrin Mini-Challenge #267 - Environmental Portraits RESULTS

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Well. When I looked at the long, long list of past topics, I noticed that no one had done portraits of any sort in quite a while. Now I know why--much to my surprise, it is not a popular topic, at least if one measure popularity by the number of submissions. However, I am pleased with the folks who did choose to participate, because the topic did seem to interest them. So thank you, all! In celebration of my small but successful little contest, I am going to name one favorite photo from each submission collection...and then, because we are a small group, I will name a single winner rather than provide a ranking. Sound okay? Great! Here goes:

  1. The first person to bravely submit was JAG--and she sent in three lovely shots. However, the photo in the train yard at the museum is my favorite of the three for this contest. I love the leading lines in the shot, I love the highly individual stances of your family members (they have personality!), and I love the large "Alaska" on the side of the train as an additional environmental touch. Well done!

  2. Next were the shots from Cavalier. I liked them all, but the red of your friend's shirt and lips just popped against the color and texture of the blue spruces next to her, so I've got to pick that as my favorite. I did wonder if that particular setting had meaning for her--one of the things cited by most of the folks who wrote about environmental portraits was that the environment should tell the viewer something about the subject. Does this one? Regardless, lovely shot.

  3. Pegelli--I thought all three shots were great...and just what I was seeking. My favorite of the bunch was your "Beer Sommelier". The setting could not have worked about better for you, with the autumnal colors in the background, his scarf, and, of course, the beer itself. His facial expression is so focused and expectant--and it is a charming face on top of it. Too bad you were slightly higher up...it would have been great to have both eyes visible. Well done on all three!

  4. grandmaR-Thank you for submitting the photos you did. I agree that they do not fully match the contest as I set it up, but, even thought your husband didn't want his picture taken, or know that you took it, you did end up with a very fine portrait of him with his car--and you can tell by his face, that this is the environment he loves. :)

  5. slpollett: All three photos were great--but the one of your daughter in front of the graffiti was particularly good, I thought, especially because her appearance (love the simplicity of her hair pulled back), pose, and attitude work so well against the art. I love her placement in the frame, and I like the cocked angle of her leg. Really well done.

  6. lkbart: Thank goodness "better late than never"! I loved all three of these. The one of the Alice actress in front of the Mad Hatter mural is so fun, and the pose of your daughter is wonderful, but that shot of the Goth couple--wow! What a perfect setting that was for a couple such as this!! I wish that there was a bit more space between the gentleman and the edge of the photo--a little more evocative breathing room in the side and background--but I can't not pick that one as my WINNER of the contest. To me, it is the perfect marriage of an environment (so atmospheric, stark, and beautiful!) and personality (or personalities, in this case). I'd love to see some more of the shots you got from them.

So the WINNER is lkbart. Congratulations, and thank you!


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    Wow, did not expect this, thanks! Great feedback & even though there wasn't a ton of entries, they were all great shots. Will get a new mini posted soon.

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    Thanks for all the comments @StueveShots, that's what make these mini's worthwhile. Not just on my shots but also to get your feel on the others. It's always interesting to see what others see in a picture.
    I agree with you it were all great entries and some gave me ideas for future shots as well.

    And of-course congrats to @lkbart for a fine image and a deserved winner of the bunch.

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Congratulations to everyone. I was in Africa during the time of this mini and if I had been thinking, I could maybe have added a photo of our guide, but I didn't think of it at the time.

    “"..an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    Congratulations to everyone, and to @lkbart for the first place. @StueveShots I don't know how you were able to select a favorite from each entrant, let alone a favorite overall. I really liked all the entries, and the comments. I agree with @pegelli that it makes the minis fun--even to non-participants.

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    Hoping it is ok to post the new mini Sunday afternoon. Am in Chicago watching my daughter dance & will fly back home in the morning. Internet on my computer has been spotty & I keep losing parts of things I type on my phone.

    A photograph is an artistic expression of life, captured one moment at a time . . .
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    Just now seeing this. Congrats to Lillian and the runners up. Thanks for a smooth running Mini Heather!

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    Congrats to everyone! Thanks for taking time to comment on each of your favorites. I absolutely LOVE reading each one and I really appreciate when the mini host takes the time to do that.


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    Nicely done job
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